Trying to be a good person

I am trying to be a good person. A good friend. a good daughter. Sometimes i find that i am being fake. I get nervous to tell people when i am struggling. Thats why blogging is so good for me. I can be open and honest with out being judged.

I feel i cant cry when i am sad, or yell when  i am mad. I want my family and friends to see only when i am happy.

I dont want to end up  in the psych ward any how, so i dont usually tell my parents when i am hearing voices.

Its because i love them. I dont want them to see me differently when i walk into the room. I know my family loves me, i love them too. I just dont want to admit when i am having a hard time.


2 thoughts on “Trying to be a good person

  1. You just answered my previous question.. you identify with being a good person.. a friend.. a daughter. Hold on to that identity… don’t identify with the illness, or the upsetting memories. Be yourself.

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