Bad rep as being a stoner!!

At the school i went to in 9th grade, they had a tennis court in the back of the school. I had no friends in that class and dreaded PE. 9th grade is also around the time i had begun to struggle with mental illness. I had a friend named Peter back then. Peter was my favorite hallucination. He was a 27 year old guy dressed in white. He knew i hated PE so he and i would hide in the bathroom and skip PE all together.

I got in trouble but i really didnt care.

Peter was not only my friend. he was my role model.

Peter was the kind of guy, who didnt care what anyone else said about him. I would see him in class, he would tell me jokes while the teacher was teaching.

I would laugh, which i expect is why people assumed i was on drugs. I laughed a lot that year, everything was funny.

I got a bad rep as  a stoner, which i totally was NOT. I have never done drugs!!

One day, the day i tried to poison a girl, i was suspended for a week.

People assumed i was suspended for drug use.

After i was back for a week, i realized that i just didnt fit into that school.

So i was unrolled. I visited a few schools that were therapeutic. I had to pick my fav which i did.

i never regretted changing schools i was accepted in the new school because we all had issues.

I met my 2 bffs at that school and we are still close today! ox


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