Ride to the ER

I climbed up the stairs to my bedroom. I dropped my purse on the bed. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands.

All the sudden I heard SCREAMING! It was TOO Loud!! I covered my ears. There were 3 voices at once! One was screaming swears at me, one was screaming just DO IT and the third said to tape my fingers together.

I grabbed my duck tape and taped my fingers. My heart was pounding and i was hyperventilating.

I was SO scared!

The voices got louder and louder!

i raced down to tell Mom. I couldnt stop crying. She decided to call 911. I fell to the floor sobbing. The EMT arrived. I told them i did not want to go to the Hopistal.

“We are just going to get you some help” the EMT said. I heard voices and saw my dead grandma on the ceiling of the ambulance the whole ride. It seemed like 10 seconds later, i was in the ER.

i remember that i wanted to cut my arms off. I tried to bite my arms. They restraint me.

Fortunately, i dont usually remember what happened when i hallucinate. But when i DO remember, thats the worse because i harp on it for months later!



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