Freaking myself out!!!

I have a tendency to freak myself out, with out meaning to. One day, awhile ago, it was late at night. Everyone was asleep besides me. I climbed out of bed and sat on the floor. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a little light., that light gave birth to turtles. Soon the room was crowded with turtles. i couldn’t breathe! I tried to catch my breath. No luck.

I Stood up and went over to the mirror. I pressed my nose up against the glass and gazed into eyes that were not mine!

I started to cry, i was scared. I raced back into bed. The turtles were chanting “You bitch drew on Martin’s shell” over and over.

“I DID NOT” i said loudly. I covered my ears to block out then noise.

I held my breath trying to make myself pass out. But i couldnt so i gasped for air.

“I just want my mom!” I said to myself.

I started to sob. The turtles were multiplying by the  minute! “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Cereal appeared on my wall then. He was all smiles, this was NOT funny!



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