I hate thinking about DEATH!

I know my therapist said just because i think of something, doesn’t mean it will come true, i am having a hard time accepting that.

I was in bed last night, in a great mood, no voices. I told God if i passed away that night i would be okay with that. i was at peace with death.

then i got freaked out! What if i really did die just because i said i was ok with it!!

MA said she has heard of elderly people wishing to die in nursing homes but they dont.

So why would it be any different for me?

I am not scared of death exactly, i am scared where i am going when i die.

i have a bad feeling that when people die, they are in a cyclone for the rest of eternity. i fear there is no heaven.

I just get so nervous!

I dont want people to miss me either.

its just so difficult thinking of death everyday!

2 thoughts on “I hate thinking about DEATH!

  1. maybe do some research on different ideas of what happens after death. your cyclone idea is one I haven’t heard of before, but my immediate reaction is to try and think of how to work with cyclone energy, idk. i think there is life after death, but i’m not sure of the ways it can be defined. As for heaven, i think it’s heaven on earth. like i’m not always able to do it, but most of the time I try to adjust my mind such that I don’t need heaven, like “now” is perfect. maybe this is some help idk.

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