Best coping skills i have used

I have been in MANY coping skills groups in my life. At the hopistal, psych wards, the partial program and at school.( i went to a therapeutics school)

i have hundreds of papers based on this topic.

My favorite coping skills, are: writing, blogging, reading, baking, cooking, walking, art, bathing, playing with my dog, doing art and more

I would have to say, the coping skill that works best for me is, holding a mug. I cant even explain how much holding a mug helps!

i run my hands over the textures and tap my fingers. The feeling and noise it makes is incredible.

If i dont have a mug, you can really use anything. When i am writing with paper and a pencil, i tap my fingers on the pencil. The sound is so satisfying. i love it.

Blogging is my 2nd favorite coping skill. After i write a blog, i feel gooder almost instantly.


2 thoughts on “Best coping skills i have used

  1. I’ve never thought of something as simpe as a mug as being a coping skill but you’re totally right – it is! I love holding a mug full of a warm drink when I am anxious or panicky. It’s very soothing 🙂

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