“Take off your clothes, underwear too and jump three times”

I obeyed silently as tears ran down my face. i jumped. I was humiliated.

“Okay good, put your clothes back on” i did.

I followed her down the hallway to what looked like a large closet with a bed.

“This is your room, meds are at 9:00” She shut the door leaving me in the dark. The only light was the moon outside and the light under my door.

i climbed into bed and started to sob. My face and hair was wet and snot was in my nose. I had a headache and i was freezing. I cried for a full hour then it was time for meds.

I left my room and went to the nurses station.

The nurse gave me my meds and i went back to bed.

I fell asleep quickly.

when i woke in the morning, i was disappointed. I thought i was back home. But i wasnt.

I met with the on site shrink and he put me on some new medications. I took my first dosage at 3:00 pm.

It did weird things to me, let me tell you! The walls were laughing at me, i could smell the lead in my pencil and the floors were made of bubbles.

It was freaky.




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