What is normal? Maybe hearing voices is normal. Maybe not hearing voices, is NOT normal.

Id like to think i am normal despite having schizophrenia. But when things happen, I have doubts.

For example: voices. They tell me all sorts of crazy things to do! Some are bad, others are plain strange.

I am told to rip a piece of red construction paper in half, put one half in one trash and the other in another. Flush the toilet twice and hold my breath for 23 seconds.

Or they say to chop off a parrot’s beak and use it as chopsticks.

Or they say, to turn the light on and off while saying “Just do it” 23 times.

23 is very important to me. The number. and i am not sure why.

I feel normal, most of the time. But sometimes, i wish things were different.


9 thoughts on “NORMAL?

  1. If you feel normal most of the times, that is good. I often try to stay away from thinking about what is normal and who is normal. I rather think about the level of functioning in the community. If you can take care of your needs and be safe, then you are functioning well.

  2. emmiejosie I’m not sure what normal is, but you will come to understand your mind in time and for normal, i try to do things like housework, food shopping, exercise, these activities are healthy and what I would consider normal and they make me happy and I feel I have accomplished something. a lot of mi people i have met online separate themselves from what people would call normal, and also from normal people, and I think it is a better idea to embrace normal whenever possible and to try and find some definitions for normal of your own and adopt them. Maybe one normal idea is to invite a friend for coffee either out or at your house. This is something normal people would do. Try to incorporate normal into your life every day, or at least every week and keep studying what is normal. try to adapt to it. you can think of it kind of like an anthropology project. ask what do normal people do that I would like to do? construct a nice day for yourself every day. xxb

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