No ride

You can never rely on the Elder Bus. They are not just for elderly, but also for people with disability.

They were suppose to be here at 10:15 to bring me to therapy.

10:20 came, no bus. SO Mom called them and they didnt even care that they forgot about me.

So i missed therapy for the 2nd time in a row. i am VERY angry, because i rely on therapy to help me.

Mom told them off and hung up on them. It wasnt the first time transportation forgot about me. once they even forgot to pick me up from an apt. My step dad had to drive 45 minutes to get me..

i can only rely on my family.


3 thoughts on “No ride

  1. i like your spirit here. if getting to therapy is often a problem for you, ask your therapist if an internet video call is possible, or email or telephone. That way you won’t miss an appointment anymore. xxb

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