Daddy, save me!

when i was adjusting to trying out new medications in the past, i was almost always in a daze. Days would fly by and i didn’t even know what had happened.

i remember one night i was at my Dad’s house, and i was hearing voices. BAD. He said he was going to call 911 if i didn’t snap out of it. But i begged him not to.

The next Dad, we decided what was best for me and that, was to go to the psych ward. I packed my bags and Dad drove me to Waltham Behavior Psychiatric ward.

I had on a pink sweater, it was new, with strings with pom pom balls on the ends. The staff told me that was a safety hazard. So they had to cut them off, i was sad.

My Dad had to leave then. I Saw tears in his eyes and i felt SO guilty.

I watched out the window in the dark while Dad went to his car. I pressed my palms against the window and pushed. Of course nothing happened.

“Daddy, save me” i whispered.



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