I have been having weird feelings. Like my brain is itchy. I cant get the scratch off. I think i want to get an MRI to make sure i am okay.

I also feel confused a lot lately. My Mom tells me to do something and It takes longer to process what she said. Maybe its because the voices int erupt my concentration, not sure.

She tells me to fill the pot with water, add oil and salt. Simple right? Well she tells me that and I fill the pot and forget whats next. I have to ask her to repeat and i know thats annoying.

I think too deeply too..what i mean is, i think of a topic, say fax machines. I dont understand how the single works, how does a piece of paper get from one fax to another!?

I lay in bed thinking and it gets too detailed and i get frustrated.


2 thoughts on “WEIRD FEELINGS!

  1. maybe take notes emmiejosie. i make them all the time, even just to run to the store for my brother for a coke and some chocolate. Otherwise i will forget, if you keep a pen handy, you can write it on the back of your hand… for the fax machine question, I think it’s the image that travels, not the paper. 🙂 x

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