Please stop

I have been thinking of everything too thoroughly. Its making me nuts. I think of something, like our car. I am in the car, passenger seat. I look out the window and think, how are we moving? How do people build cars? How do the breaks work, what if they stop working, we will crash. What if we crash into the woods and get stuck in the car and nobody is there to rescue us and we have to eat our own flesh to survive. We last a week then die.

I should not have been in that car. I Should have walked.

I am scared.

My mind is SO full! I am scared of everything, sometimes scared of life too.

I hate this! I hope that program i am going to next week helps. I need help.


One thought on “Please stop

  1. emmiejosie i think it is good that you recognize those thoughts as undesirable. i have been trying for many years to figure out what to do with thoughts, and i read from someone that you should simply notice the thought, and label it “thinking” and then let it go.

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