I want to stop being scared.

Sometimes when i leave a room, in public, not at home, i am very aware of my surroundings. I look both ways and make sure nothing looks suspicious.

It is exhausting, being aware 24/7. i want to just not worry. Thats my goal. I want to stop being scared and worried and paranoid about everything.

I feel like i am being watched alllllll the time. I know the spirits are watching me, they are in my room a lot too. I cant actually see them in my room, i can see them in the sky but not my room.

I am never alone. There is either voices, or Cereal, or the spirits…i feel self contentious when i get dressed or take a bath. I just feel their presence.

I just want to live a normal life. I feel my life is not going the way i planned. I never went to college. I dont have a bf, i have an 8th grade education,

I just feel bad about myself in general. i am not pretty. I am chunky….

Whatever, i will just keep going and one day things will be gooder.


3 thoughts on “I want to stop being scared.

  1. emmiejosie give weightwatchers a chance… you are still new and it really does work… I felt watched all the time and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. i remember i even was so upset i left the grocery store just after all of my things had been rung up, i was just totally upset about being watched. try to carry on. like, in the shower or bath, make a point of going through your cleansing without being shy. i hope it goes well. this is just the best i could do with it, to keep up my daily activities, and i don’t know the science of it but i feel that the time i spent pressing on with my activities kind of built up and the voices had less room, if that can be a description. good luck hun xx!

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