I had a really, really, really tough night. If it got a little worse, i would be off to the ER to be evaluated and admitted into the psych ward. But i refused. I used my coping skills and Mom gave me my new dosage of medication. I made it through the night!

I slept well and woke up in a good mood.

My Mom and Step Dad think i have narcolepsy. That means the night time i get depressed. We think that, because it is always nighttime when i have issues.

I was hearing voices. Bad. and my mind was Very busy. I was crying and shaking and having a BAD panic attack.

I went to bed early and had terrible dreams. One was i was having a seizure and i woke myself up screaming. It was a loud dream, my least favorite kind.

I went on Facebook and some of my good friends calmed me down. I went to bed and now i feel pretty good!


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