Positive memories at psych wards!

i have millions of stories about being in psych wards. Most of them are sad or depressing. But, i do have some good memories!


In Waltham Behavioral, me and my roommate Jillian had to take our weekly urine test. This time we heated up some apple juice and put it in our pee cups. We couldn’t help but laugh. Luckily we had staff with sense of humor. She laughed (we re took the tests later)

Also with Jillian, we threw butter packets on the wall and they stuck.

Courtney gave me bangs! She was also in the psych ward and she chopped my hair to make bangs. it looked cute.

At Westwood Lodge, we had karaoke night! All the girls sang “Girls just wanna have fun” It was a blast.

At 2S, i loved sensory group. We got to test lotions and smell candles. very therapeutic!

Also at 2S, they had a doggy come visit! He was so cute.

I dont like being in psych wards, but at least my memories are not ALL negative.


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