I went to bed feeling good, woke up feeling good. Now its 10:42 am. I am starting to go downhill again and i have NO clue why!

I was telling Mom about the voices last night, the bad ones and i didnt mean to scare her i thought she knew!

Shes like “Maybe you should be in the hopistal”

NO! Never again.

“I tried so hard, cant get away from misery””And stop this pain i keep infilciting on my family” (Akon)

i hate feeling this way! HATE HATE HATE HATE IT!!


5 thoughts on “Downhill

  1. Awe it sucks that you’re struggling. If it’s getting worse- maybe your mom is right about you going to the hospital. They are there to help you and wouldn’t dare judge you as well. I know you don’t like hospitals but no one likes going to them- they just are so helpful when you’re feeling in distress or suicidal. I hope you the best and pls know you’re not alone

  2. i think it is a good step forward emmiejosie, to decide for yourself whether or not you need the hospital. i mean, sometimes in my case, it was decided for me, but really, you keep trying hun. i think it’s a good effort. xx!

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