I cant help crying!

i can not hear any of my thoughts! The voices are too loud!I am going to write exactly what i am hearing:

“Emily, you are a stupid bitch with no life, you are fat and ugly and a loser and you should hurt yourself…the eagels in heaven decided today when you die unpeacefully, you WILL go to hell. I saw you pinch that ant, murderer, deserves no special attention, you should chop the fat off your belly you fat BITCH! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you are nobody, you are worthless, you need a reality check, we hate you, EVERY body hates you. give up now before someone hurts you if you care so much. Even people in Utah dont want you so just DIE!”


i cant help crying.


9 thoughts on “I cant help crying!

  1. i’m sorry it’s so hard emmiejosie. when i have those voices, i find a quiet place to sit and i say out loud, “i do not deserve this.” that is how i answer the voices. if they really are bad, such that you don’t know what to do at all, i would suggest that you go to that step-below-psych ward voluntary place for a day. like, a day, you can go at 8 and come home for dinner if you want, something like that. i suggest it because when i have had trouble with voices i try to go somewhere, alone. it was not such a good idea lol because i would forget my purse, but if there was an option here like the one you are describing i would go. Sometimes a night in a hotel helps, change of scenery, lack of personal detail in the room… Maybe your mom would share with you if it has two beds, or just take you there and back. xx

  2. Don’t believe the voices.. they are not real people . The are symptom of mental illness. Believe real people who love you and truly care for you . Pay attention to that which is encouraging and supportive.

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