Sorry for being born LISA!

My step Mother dropped me off at the door to my out patient therapy hopistal. I was the first one, like always. I watched her drive away and i was tempted to skip therapy that day. I started to walk down the driveway but changed my mind. So i went into the building. First things first, i threw up that muffin i had for breakfast. Then i walked up the stairs to the room we congregate in.

I sat in the corner, my usual spot. A bird choose that minute to fly into the glass window. He scared me! I opened the window and he flew away. I saw an angel on the roof. So i opened the window wide open. I started to lift the screen to climb out when some one yelled.

“What are you doing!?”

It was Lisa. The main therapist. I quickly shut the window and spun around.

“Nothing” i said.

Lisa grabbed my arm and led me to her office. She sat me on the chair and looked at her paperwork. I was mad at her so i started to rip out my hair.

“STOP” She demanded. I didnt.

“What am i going to do with you?” She hated me, i knew it.

I am sorry. Sorry i have mental illness. Sorry for being born LISA> i Just need HELP!


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