My visits to 4 different psych wards

i know i write about psych wards and mental illness a LOT. But, thats the point of MY blog… to share my stories with others in similar situations.

I have not been in a psych ward since August!

I have been in 4 different psychiatric wards. First one was Arbor Fuller. Since i didnt know what to expect, that was the scariest. I was really hyper and laughed at everything, even when it wasnt funny.

My friend A, got in trouble for throwing up after her dinner and i laughed SO hard. It was Not funny.

i felt bad for laughing.

Next psych ward, was Westwood Lodge. I call that place the north pole! It was FREEZING in there! I was out patient and in patient at that place.

At that time, i was struggling with throwing up my meal after i ate. I was monitored in the bathroom. I had to sing Happy Birthday with the staff listening to make sure i wasnt throwing up. Super embarrassing.

Waltham Behavioral was the next psych ward. At that time, i was struggling with voices. I was cutting too. I have bad memories of being locked up in a white room with nothing but a mattress in the corner. I felt SO alone. I was admitted 4 times after that

Last psych ward, was 2S. That is my favorite one, if i had to pick. It was the least strict and they trusted you more then the other 3.

I was admitted into 2S 5 times. Each time was for different reasons.

Sometimes it was because i was hearing voices, sometimes it was because i felt like i was going to hurt myself and sometimes it was because i needed a medicine adjustment.

I learned a lot of coping skills in my journey through psych wards. So i can use them when i need them, and hopefully prevent me from being admitted!


7 thoughts on “My visits to 4 different psych wards

  1. yes its great emmiejosie use and develop your coping skills. for me it meant setting a schedule to the day, and to the week. You have some things to play with, for the day you have your writing time, you can set a time or just keep the computer nearby. write that you wrote, in your calendar. Take your food at the same time every day, and your meds at the same time every day. write them down in your calendar. for your weeks and months, write down appointments with doctors and therapists and other aid workers, and buy yourself a treat after your appointments – for me it’s a diet dr pepper, large! 🙂 xx schedule in time for celebrating birthdays and holidays, and write in that you will be shopping for these occasions and write that in your calendar. I have my calendar by the computer, and i put notes in it throughout the day, and i check it or just gaze at it too sometimes, to focus my mind. 🙂 xx

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