I hate feeling like this

I feel fake. I feel like i am faking my happiness.  I just dont want my friends and family to worry.

They dont know i have urges to cut still. I could never tell them.

They dont know i cry almost every night.

I want to be happy so bad! I want to be normal. Maybe I am normal, but i sure dont feel it. I feel like i am psychotic. I am judging myself.

I Hate feeling like this.


2 thoughts on “I hate feeling like this

  1. emmiejosie one thing to do to cultivate happiness within yourself is to count your blessings every day. you have a lovely family, you have a home, you have good care and people around you to ensure your safety and well being, your aunt got you into weight watchers, be thankful for your food… i know if it weren’t for my family and friends i would be homeless, and it was heading toward that for me and my brother. i really value my life and the elements of my life and i talk about it and i talk it to myself and you know, it kind of comes back very kindly, sending out gratitude. I’m reading your posts and you are a really lovely, smart and funny girl, sweet, and you should concentrate on those qualities and the feelings that they bring.

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