That dang crumb

I found a crumb on my desk. It was leftover from the granola bar i ate yesterday. I touched the crumb and it stuck to my finger. i waved my finger like a magic wand. I went over to my mirror and touched the glass with that crumb. It left a tiny grease stain. That stain really bugged me! I raced to the bathroom, dropping my crumb off on the way. I got the Windex and a paper towel. I washed my mirror.

I miss that crumb. I planned on naming him Harry. I didn’t waste my time trying to find him. But i hope he is happy wherever he is now.

That hair elastic looks appetizing! I will swallow it whole and it will go into my intestines and tie around so i cant process food. Than i will be sorry i ever did that in the first place.


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