New Meds

The new meds i am on to help me sleep are not working yet. Mom and my psychiatrist have been talking, they put me from 50 to 100 mg of Trazadon. Its suppose to help me sleep. But instead i have been having nightmares and joint pains.

When i am in the ER and they ask if i am allergic to anything, i always say i am allergic to Seroquil. Although i am not really allergic to Seroquil, i did have a bad reaction.

I was hyper, i had restless leg syndrome, i couldn’t sleep. I slept like 2 hours a night and was constantly worn out.

That was definitely the worst med i have been on.

The best med i have ever been on is, Clozapine. It works wonders! The thing i dont get is, why am i still hearing voices? I thought that was the point of Clozapine.

Its frustrating. I hate hearing voices.


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