I dont want to go back to the psych ward

i am struggling with a battle that lives inside me. I am tired of hearing voices. Lately they have been more demanding. I am learning to stand up to them yes, but it takes a BIG effort. I dont want to spend the rest of my life standing up to voices, i just want them to be gone!

I keep seeing spirits too which is not fun. I used to think it was because i was unique, i was the only one who could see them! Now, not so much.

I just want to be a typical 28 year old woman. I dont want to be special*

The bad voices, the one i call “Nobody” Tells me i am a bitch that cant even talk right. I am a loser and a waste of a life.

Yes, it hurts my feelings! I try to stay positive, but sometimes i just cant! I get depressed and i think i am going to cut.

The only reason i am not cutting, is because i dont want to go back to the Psych ward. ever.



2 thoughts on “I dont want to go back to the psych ward

  1. I’m glad you are not cutting hun. You know, from my perspective, I think things are going very well for you, I feel that there is a good change happening, I’m speaking primarily just now about the voices. Things do change emmiejosie, and they can and will improve for you I think. It’s just I really know your complaint and things got better for me after such a turning point as you are describing. And, if you look it up online, you will find a lot of medical evidence that sz improves as you get older. good luck hun xxb

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