All eyes on me? NO

I walked down the aisle gripping my teachers hand. It was graduation day. I was officially graduating from High School.

Three things i feared most growing up: Getting married, jury duty, and graduation.

My biggest fear came true as all eyes were on me. Ms. K was nice enough to walk with me. I Just wanted the day to be over.

I got my deploma and as everyone clapped, i let out a breath of air i didn’t realize i was holding in. It was over. I made it.

I date. But i want to date someone who is not thinking of marriage. i just hate when all the attention is on me. hate it.

As for jury duty, i  was recently told i dont even qualify to be a juror because, i have schizophrenia. THANK YOU! HAVING MENTAL ILLNESS PAYS OFF SOMETIMES! 😉


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