I cant breathe again! GO AWAY!

I stared at Cereal so hard and read him front to back, back to front! Why you bothering me son, we be friends for a long time. I grab my Sharpie and write the word electricity on my wall in TINY writing! Cereal if you touch that word you will be cursed and i will have control over my own mind! YES!

I get into my bed and stare at the ceiling so long that i start to see ants. They are taking over my room! I cant breathe!

Just a spoon full of sugar and they will be gone forever!
Yes No

I want to eat my pillows so all the feathers will chock me. I cant breathe again!

Just leave me alone, my mind is TOO busy. I just want to sleep! But i cant because then i will have nightmares!!!


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