I am happy and proud to say, this past week, i have really been able to stand up to the voices!

I had some really bad urges to dump my hot mug of tea on my brothers head at Thanksgiving dinner. I had to leave the table several times because i didnt want to get bad urges.

I dumped my tea out first of all, so there was no tea to pour on his head. I took a pill. I went on YouTube. Anything i could do to NOT pour that tea on his head.

The voices were chanting at me. “DO IT DO IT DO IT!” I had to yell at them, in my mind, not out loud. I said over and over. I will Not do it.

I must have been super confident because the voices were gone and i did not obey PLUS I did not get cursed for NOT listening! GO EMMIE!


4 thoughts on “DO IT DO IT DO IT

  1. awesome hun. yay! you know, things get a lot better once one reaches this point, in my experience. if you can overcome the voices like that, really, you’ll see, life will get better and better. i’m excited for you xxxxxx! b

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