Christmas in a psych ward

I always have wonderful Christmases. My parents always make them special. Every year i do the typical Christmas traditions.

One year, i missed out on most of the festivity.

I was locked up in a psych ward. It was winter so obviously it was freezing, although they had NO heat. I am not kidding.

I wore 4 blankets, my PJs and coat to bed at night.

Anyways. I didn’t know if i was going to be discharged by Christmas that year. So the staff got us prepared for the Holiday’s. We made decorations and hung them around the ward. We wrote our Christ mas wishes on a star and tapped them on the wall. I remember my wish was to be home with my family for Christmas.

I started a 12 day count down to Christmas poster. Every morning i would cross out a day. i went down to 6 and guess what? I got discharged!!! It was a Christmas miracle.

So that year, i didn’t have to be spent in a psych ward for Christmas. I was so happy.


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