I spell it that way on purpose!

I got that feeling again, like someone is stalking me!

Today i counted at every red light (3 all together) i made it to 23 and got 1 wish point.

I slept super good last night with out ANY voices. Then I woke up,, there they were.

It was Nobody. He said i am a loser who cant even spell hopistal right. I know how to spell it right, but about 5 years ago, my friend Sassafras who was a lion made of tree bark, told me if i spelled hopistal correctly, my family would be cursed. So i make sure to NEVER say it the “right” way.

I keep seeing shadows everywhere! Its like a man’s shaved beard.

My bff Michelle, who lives in my head, got me to sleep last night. She made me think of an episode of FRIENDS and i replayed the whole episode and soon fell asleep.

I dont want the sun to burn my tongue.



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