Who is living in my brain..

I hate being alone with voices in my head. Its like they never go away. I have people literally living in my brain it feels like! I feel like i have lost control of my mind. The voices control me! I don’t choose what to think about anymore. At night, i try to think happy thoughts, but the voices convince me to think about murder and rape. It sucks!

I just want to be in control of my own mind! Its been a long time since i could say i actually had control.

Currently here is who is living in my brain: I have an apartment up there, about  1/5 thats MY thoughts. Then there is Michelle, Nobody, Peter and the other Michelle. Michelle is the nice voice, Nobody is the bad voice. Jack is the newest voice. He is more like a neutral voice. He is in control of my OCD and tells me what to obsess over. The other Michelle is my twin. She lives in my head too, but she and i are like bffs. At night i talk to her when there is nobody else around, she makes me feel safe and happy. I cant see her, but i imagine she looks just like me!


4 thoughts on “Who is living in my brain..

  1. idk emmiejosie, this worked quite well for me, next time you are alone with the voices, try talking back to them. It took some months, maybe even a couple of years, but i believe I was able to break the mechanism of voices to a certain degree by trying this. there is a site online from England called the hearing voices network, and they encourage this kind of approach. Idk, maybe you will find it interesting? xxb!

  2. … i still have voices, but the mean ones are gone. and they happen less often, and they are actually responsive and pleasant, instead of commanding and threatening. you might find something interesting in the TED talk by eleanor longden. you can find it online. she has schizophrenia and she was able to go off meds and become a psychiatrist or psychotherapist by using that technique. she says she still has voices but that she is able to get through the day and at the end of the day, she gives them 30 minutes to talk and listen. she is the one who recommended the hearing voices network. xxb!

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