Lip gloss

I really get scared that I will take the wheel when someone is driving. I do believe I would actually do it. Its SO hard to stop myself, I do, but its hard. I have terrible visions of me grabbing the wheel and crashing into a MAC truck. I sit on my hands, listen to music, text, do anything I can to stop myself.

I scared a man coming out of the bathroom today, I feel so bad! He jumped like 5 feet in the air! I felt bad and still feel bad.

I went to Dollar General today and got lipgloss and eyeliner. I just love make up too much, its an addiction.
A lady at my job today, asked me how long I have been sober for. Im like, “My whole life…?”

The lady who evaluated me, thought I was 18! THANK YOU< I LOVE YOU~

I am already getting into the Christmas spirit. I have lots of people to shop for and I like to start early.


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