Last night I had a dream I was being bullied. It was super scary because it felt SO real. I woke up with tears in my eyes.
In high school I was bullied. There was a rumor that I did drugs. Which is NOT true. A girl said I wore too much make up and called me crusty face. Another kid said I was half baked. Sigh. Kids are stupid.
I am like the most innocent girl you would ever meet! I never smoked, never drank and NEVER did drugs!

I feel pretty good today. I am on day 2 of Weight Watchers. I have been drinking a lot of tea. My fav is Earl Grey.
I want to loose enough weight to fit into my size 10 jeans. that, would be amazing.

I am writing a lot today because I can really concentrate, no voices so I am not distracted.
9 weeks till Christmas. I like December 1st to the 24th more then Actual Christmas. I love to decorate the house, trim the tree, bake cookies, shop…its great!


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