Sometimes I do things and I wonder why I do it. I found myself on the floor the other day, secretly counting the bristles on my hair brush. I didn’t want anyone to know because I wanted to keep it secret.
I like to put my hand at the end of a zipper and try to pinch my skin.. why? Its dumb!
Sometimes I make up poems in my head about death. I am TERRIFIED of death.
Right now I am craving to hold my mug. Its right there on my table. I could just grab it and hold it. But I am trying to cope without it. I mean if I am at a job, I cant just stop working to hold my mug
I am pretty proud of myself…….its been 12 minutes and I still didn’t hold my mug! GO EMMIE!


2 thoughts on “Secretly

  1. emmiejosie i think it is important to get perspective about your mug as you are doing hun, but really i would suggest taking your mug to work with you! surely a cup of coffee won’t be frowned on and it might relax you and you know, it might be friendly. everyone likes to have a coffee during the day… i used to have a favorite mug at the newspaper i worked in and i bought it especially for inspiration… just saying… xxb!

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