Center Of Hope Tour

I feel gooder today then yesterday. No bad voices yay!
I went to Center of Hope (COH) today to meet with my job coach. She is a very nice lady that dresses in black. We filled out paper work and she gave me a tour of the place. I will be starting November 1st, trying out five different jobs to see which fits. One job is packaging Candyland pieces, one is working at the COH thrift store, one Is working with the receptionist, one is working in the coffee shop and one is working at a candy store! I AM SO EXCITED!
After my apt, I went to WalMart with my step Dad. We returned my tablet because I didn’t like it. So we got our money back and I got a new throw rug for my room and make up.
I have my laptop back so now I can write my heart out!
I missed blogging so bad, especially when I was having hard times, blogging ALWAYS helps.
After WalMart, I went to get my flu shot. It didn’t even hurt.
So now I am home, I am going to write my stories for a bit then walk my dog. Bye!


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