Not fair

I wont be able to blog for awhile. So I gotta fit in what I can right now at the library.
I feel okay today. I called my psychiatrist to tell her about my counting getting worse. I called her all by myself which I am proud of.
I don’t understand the way my brain works. I feel so different from my friends.
Its not fair.
I am not trying to get sympathy, I just want to share my true feelings. That’s what my blog is all about, my mental health.
I am going to my aunts next WENDSDAY….it should be FUN!
I need a break from life and being in CT with my aunt always helps.
I have been hearing voices, but they are only the nutral ones. Not bad so I can deal with it.
Last night, I was in bed TRYING To sleep. Jack, a voice in my head, told me to empty my bottle of water into the toilet and flush it 4 times.
I can only imagine what my Mom thought downstairs when she heard me flush so many times. I didn’t want to do it but Jack instsited unitl I did so, so I did.


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