Voices repeating themselves

I am SO tired of counting. SO tired. Last night was close to impossible getting to fall asleep. I had the TV on in the background. A Huggies commercial came on and I had to count to 23 before it showed the baby sleeping. I also did some intense math problems that I could never do when I am wide awake during the day time. I come up with ALL sorts of inventions and may have even found a cure for Cancer. Thing is, I wake up to write it down, and cant remember it!! SO frustrating.
As I shut my eyes, almost asleep, a neutral voice told me to knock on the wall 11 times. I was SO tired, so I didn’t.
Then they repeated themselves over so much I gave in. So I knocked on the wall 11 times. Then I couldn’t sleep because I got a certificate from the partial program, they wrote my last name with a lower case J. Its been one month and it still bothers me!!
It really sucks that I cant just go to sleep and not worry about counting or whatever..sigh.


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