I wish I had a seat belt in my brain to stop the bad thoughts from hurting me. I used to have really good self esteem. But lately, the bad voices have brought me down. They tell me I am fat and ugly. I didn’t used to believe it because the good voices would stand up for me.
But lately I have not heard any good voices. I don’t hear TOO many bad voices, but when I do, it really sucks.
My head is very busy today. I hear the bad voices and my own thoughts fighting. Too much noise. I cant handle this!
I have a problem wanting to do 1000 things at once. I am working on it in therapy.
I want to write, but I want to take a nap, I should walk, time to take a bath, its time to call Dad, but its too early, I need a vacation but don’t want to leave Mom, I am scared the next Oreo is poison, I should sharpen my pencil, time for makeover, I need to make a cherry pie, I should brush my teeth again, its time to Teen Mom, my head hurts, the voices won’t shut up!!



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