Freaked Out

I am freaked out that I will do something bad. I gotta stop the thought before it gets in my head, but how?
One day, I know things will go too far, too fast and I will grab the steering wheel when someone is driving.
I had major urges last night to cut all the fat off my belly. But I didn’t want to bleed to death so I didn’t.
I am SO scared about death. So scared.
I am having issues in my life. I want to be carefree but that’s not working. So I deal with life day by day, that’s all I can do.

2 thoughts on “Freaked Out

  1. Emmiejosie I have had some of these same issues. I think you are good at maintaining when you can’t stop your thoughts from entering your head. you should recognise this about yourself. my way of dealing with thoughts generally and thoughts about death is to allow them and to train myself not to fear them. it’s kind of not really advice, it’s just that is the best i have come up with. i’m sure you bring these things up with your therapist anyway, but i would add write them down and try to notice patterns if there are any. much love to you xxb<3

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