I have this new thing I do that’s rather annoying. Whenever I am at the library, or anywhere with a public restroom, I have to touch the brail writing. I mean how it says WOMEN in brail. I must touch it. If I DONT, I cant think of anything until I DO it. So once I touch it, everything is good.
I have been sleeping really good since I got a new mattress. But last night was different. I had LOUD dreams, which I HATE. I wake myself up screaming. I am surprised Mom didn’t hear me down stairs. Once I am awake, I fear going back to sleep. Its scary when its THAT loud.
Things I counted today: fuzz balls on my sock, there was 17. I also counted 9 plus 23 plus 1988 which equals 2020. I did that 23 times in my head and then I was fine.

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