Brushing my teeth with a Barbie Doll’s Foot…..

I used to think things that are kinda strange I realize now.
I thought if I used a towel of a friend that has clear skin, it will give ME clear skin.
I thought if I brushed my teeth with a Barbie Doll’s foot, I would get less wrinkles when I am older.
I thought if I sucked on the leg of a doll house furniture’s table, I would get less cavities.
I remember hearing voices when I was little. I was told I deserved to have panic attacks. I had them quite often. In 3rd grade, we had a sleepover at the science Center, my class and I. I had a BAD panic attack and my Dad had to pick me up. That was the beginning of my mental illness. After that, I developed a lot of invisible friends that were a little too real to me. I had a unicorn friend named Jessie Protan. I told Mom about her. She thought it was cute. She would have never imagined one day, 20 years later I still have those invisible friends.
I had a friend named Billy, he wasn’t real. But to me, he felt real. I would open my window late at night and Billy would be down there with a bouquet of roses. We would talk for hours.
One day, I woke up with socks on my hands and my shirt was on back wards. I don’t know what happened.
Billy left when we moved and I have never seen him since. I miss him sometimes…

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