I feel confused today. Not sure why, but everything makes me think.
I am in the car, passenger side, and as we drive, I watch the cars go by. Like we are all going to our own places on the same road. There are so many options to were to go! We could drive and drive across country to Cali and it would be okay.
I fear police because I don’t want to get into trouble. I am scared I will do something, or say something wrong.
There are voices in my head today. They are telling me to pinch a lemon, so I did. I am not sure why I had to do that, but there must be some reason.
I want to watch TV, but I am so scared to see the bad in the world. I am not doing my part. I need to help out more. Donate my time and money. I feel like a loser.
I need to do something right now because my mind is racing. I have so many thoughts.


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