Escaping Psych Wards

When in psych wards, I tried many times to escape. I would sneak up behind staff when they punched the code in to leave. I got caught. Every time.
In Waltham Behavioral, I was SO close to getting out! I hid behind the laundry cart while my psychiatrist punched in the code. He left with the door open about 2 inches when I caught it. Second before I was locked in. I slowly opened the door and exited the ward. That’s when my psychiatrist saw me! He turned around and grabbed my arm. He brought me to the nurses station and told them what I did.
I was no longer allowed to use that hall that led to the exit and I was kept a close eye on.
Same thing in Arbor Fuller. I was using my finger nail to try to open the locked door. I got caught and restrained.
I don’t know why I had even bothered, I knew deep in that I couldn’t escape. I don’t know what I would even do if I did get out!


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