Things that have changed this year…

I went to Dollar General today to get notebooks. They not only have Halloween decorations up, but they also have CHRISTMAS décor up!

I’m like, What!

My birthday is in 13 days! I will be 28 years old.

Things that have changed in this past year: I no longer consider myself age 11 on the inside. I don’t cut anymore,  I use healthier coping skills. I graduated the Wells Out Patient Therapy Program. I stood up to the voices in my head, numerous times. (something a year ago, I could never do)

I am happy. Healthy. Safe and Loved. I feel great. I can concentrate. I can focus.

I am having a lovely day. I went to lunch with Bill, $ General and the used book store. I got a book on anorexia, a topic I have been into for a long time!


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