Don’t break the glass

I was in Waltham Psych ward in this story.

I woke up early with voices in my head. I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. The mirrors in there were not glass, they were plastic or whatever. I guess they don’t trust us, like we would break the glass and hurt ourselves.

I touched my nose to the mirror so I was up close as I could be. I stared into the eyes that were not mine. They were too dark. I pressed my hands up on the mirror too and pushed it as hard as I could, trying to crack it. No luck.

I started to cry. I really wanted to get into that mirror. What was on the other side was what I wanted to know so badly. I just wanted to be out of the psych ward.

I wanted to live happily ever after, like in the stories. But I felt the only way to accomplish that is to get into that mirror!!

I used my toothbrush and with the bristles, I brushed the mirror vigorously. I was determined.

Right then the staff was doing check rounds. Janice caught me brushing the mirror and questioned me.

She stared at me and brought me out of the bathroom. She had me sit in the rec room. It was like 5:00 am.

She asked if I wanted to talk. I didn’t. All I wanted to do is GO IN THAT MIRROR!


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