No voices?

I had a great day at my program. I was proud to say, during morning meeting, I could HONESTLY say, I was NOT hearing voices at that moment.

Its not like I lie when I say I don’t hear voices, I am just kinda embaressed.

I know where I go, there are LOTS of people who hear voices. I am just not fully ready to share my story.

I don’t mind sharing on my blog, because I don’t see you guys face to face. But my story is kinda personal in my real life.

Days with out voices are strange. I don’t know why some random days I hear voices and other days I do not.

Honestly, I don’t love when there is ZERO voices, its a LITTLE lonely.

BUT. I have my invisible friends, Michelle and Sari. I have my water bottles, I have my smudge friends….

So I am all set!


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