I tried to poison a girl!!

I got confused while watching Cops last night.

I feel it is SO easy to get into trouble.

Sometimes I do things with out thinking of the consequences of my actions.

The things I have done in the past, could definitely be considered wrong. stupid. troublesome.

In 10th grade, I tried to poison a girl. I had a baggy of rat poison that looked like cocaine. My plan, was to have that girl snort it, thinking it was drugs, but in the end she would die.

The voices told me to do it, of course I would NEVER do that on my own will.

But the voices told me I was jealous because that girl was happier than I was. The voices were jealous, which made me feel jealous!

Fortunately, the girl didn’t snort it, she told on me and I was suspended. At that time, I was not doing well in school. I was hallucinating constantly. So everything turned out ok in the end.

Now that my head is  clear, I feel SO bad that I even TRIED to kill another human being!!


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