Last to leave

Today I am in such a good mood! Therapy went great, learned a lot. I made some friends.

Only reason I had anxiety today was because my van driver keeps picking and dropping me off late. I have extreme anxiety and that doesn’t help.

My driver was so late picking me up at the end of the day that he never showed up. My step Dad had to pick me up. Besides my therapist, I was the last to leave. 😦

But my depression from 1-10, 10 being the highest, I am at a 1. Which is GREAT!

I am happy, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and getting back on that bike.

My only fear today, was that when I go to the bathroom during group, the group talks about me. Its probably not true, but its just a fear of mine.

I got out of the psych ward 8 days ago and I have been on the go since. I had no break which is probably why I am SO TIRED!

I am going to sleep in tomorrow FOR SURE!


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