I am in Harrington’s Partial Hopistalization Program at the Wells Center.

Its one step above being in patient in the psych ward.

We sit in a room and do therapy groups all day. My favorite is when we have an hour to talk about anything that is on our mind in the moment. Nobody judges each other and you come to find you have a lot in common with each other.

Today we talked about how journaling is important.

The staff gave us a list of good ideas what to write about. I may use an idea to blog about!

I love answering the therapist’s questions and sharing my story.

After that, I got out at 3:00 and Bill picked me up.  We went to Ocean State Job Lot. I got make up and dog food.

Tomorrow my DMH worker is picking me up from the program and will bring me home.

I just love my life!


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