I’m back! I have been away for 6 days. Last Saturday, I was brought to the ER in an ambulance.

It all started at 11:00 pm. I had been asleep for one hour when I woke up with a terrible dream. It was SO LOUD. I got SO scared. SO I woke my Mom. Then the panic started. I was hyperventilating and then the voices started. They told me my hands were not mine and there was too much blood in my hands.

So I went to the ER and waited for a bed to be open in 2S Psych ward. There was ONE bed open. Either me or another girl would get it. I was there longer so they gave it to me.

They did not change my meds too much.

When I was there, I had like 5 panic attacks. it was SO scary!

We decided all I needed was some rest. There had been a lot going on the past few months, Mom being in the hopistal, than Bob…

On the 2nd night in 2S, I saw ET in the door, he was laughing at me! It was SO scary, so I got the staff and they helped.

I got a heat rash on my chest. It hurts SO bad! Mom put on lotion and I almost cried.


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