Not a good person

Today I started my day out with getting a filling and teeth cleaning at Dr O’s office. I got to see all my friends! Tracy, Terresa, Jen and Dr O! They take such good care of me there and I love them all.

Then I had therapy.

MA and I talked about how I time everything, for example, in the car after a song is half over I have to change it. I don’t do it on purpose, my attention span is very small.

We also talked again, how I think my bad thoughts will come true If I think them. Like I get scared my house is on fire or I will get kidnapped.

We also talked about how I count too much like 5 plus 5 plus 5 is 15 then take away 5 is 10 which is how many years apart Michelle and DJ are in Full House.

I come to a red light and count to 23. If it turns green before I get to 23, I lose a point.

I am so nervous my life is shortened because I am not a good person 😦


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