Med days, good and bad

I love having good med days!

On a bad med day, nothing goes right. I am crabby, I hear voices all day, I have bad urges and have bad thoughts.

On a good day, like today, I can concentrate on reading, writing and I can focus.

Even though its a good day, I still have racing thoughts. Sigh.

Here is whats in my head this very moment:

“I have to call dad, its almost dinner time, start dinner, bring Bella for a walk, Check Facebook, text my aunt, exercise, count to 23 when the microwave has 21 seconds to go, pick up my mug, hold my mug, text out my new make up, make my bed, its too late to make my bed, pack a bag for the hopistal if I end up there.”

Its not fun to not be able to shut my mind off, especially at night when I am trying to sleep.

but I can deal with it.


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